Our Story

If you have ever traveled in large groups you know how hard it can be to find a restaurant that not only will serve you, but can also do so quickly while satisfying the wants of everyone in the group. These difficulties are the things that inspired our crew at MacDaddy’s Family Kitchen. We realized Port Aransas lacked a place where people can grab a quick meal no matter how large the group was while also serving quality meals. Using the freshest of ingredients the chefs at MacDaddy’s serve their food family style  or single serving to quickly prepare food for your table whether its just one person or 20!

And Man Do We Love Barbeque

We also found that Port Aransas did not have a place where you could find good southern food like BBQ and Fried Chicken, so they traveled the country in search of the best recipes all the way from Sin City in Las Vegas, Babe’s Chicken House in Ft. Worth, and the famous pitmasters in Kansas City. All these different tastes and styles come together in a uniquely flavorful combination at MacDaddy’s Family Kitchen.